“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” – Benjamin Franklin

My engineering journey started when I designed, built, and programmed my first soccer robot for a high school competition. Since then, I’ve worked on many different projects in electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. My PhD work at University of Michigan focused on aerodynamic shape optimization of airplanes using computational fluid dynamics, numerical optimization, and high performance supercomputers.

I developed aerodynamic optimization methods and algorithms that enable us to improve the aerodynamic performance of current airplanes and to explore the future generation airplanes. I enjoy every aspect of computational fluid dynamics, especially enjoying ‘seeing’ something you cannot see in real life, from a gentle breeze swaying the trees to transonic airflow over airplane wings.

After I completed my PhD work, I joined COMSOL Inc. in Burlington, MA in January 2015. I managed the CFD applications team at COMSOL that mainly focused on the area of fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical engineering and optimization.

Besides my work, I hold a private pilot license and enjoy piloting and flying in Michigan and near Boston. I also enjoy my time with my family. Our daughter, Annabelle, was born in October 2013. She made me a morning person and taught me that everyday is a surprise. Our son, Nolan, was born in March 2016. We also have a golden retriever, Beta. He is the happiest dog in the world. He taught me something as well: No matter what, be happy and enjoy every moment.